Me with PDG Allan Church in 2010 at his club visit to us when I was President, and last week, roles reversed – he is currently club president of Townsville Sunrise, and I as DG visited his club last week.
Apologies were Merewyn as she is on the District Governor trail.
Jan Clifford was in Mackay at meetings and Bob Bogie.
We had a number of visiting Rotarians including Nick from the Gold Coast Club and Ian and Jo Creaser from the Burleigh Heads Club. Ian and Jo were up for a holiday staying in a local house on Dasher Road. It was great to see younger members in the clubs.
Ian and Jo presented a banner to Ken – Aiden has pictures.  Reminded us that we needed to have a few of ours on hand.
Jill Farinelli and Pam Harrison were guest of Alan Robinson.
They spoke about the project they would like to start in Zimbawe called the  Chicken and Egg. $2500 USD is needed to fund the purchase of Broiler and Laying chickens and also for building the large pens with the incubation lighting needed.  The donated money is put through RAWCs so that only 1.75% is taken as fees. This is quite reasonable compared to other charity accounts.
Pam has spent a considerable amount of time over in Zimbawe in previous years. It is quite a journey to get there. Once you finally get to Harare it is then a 4 hour drive to the remote area the project is in.  Jill makes sure all the money is accounted for and the bookwork transparent.
A vote of thanks was given by Denise.
In other news the club spoke about the Turtle.  Foote told one Rotarian (I think Peter) that it would be ready in 10 days and for us to get the base ready for it to go on.
The roadside billboard banner  was spoken about in regards taking down the My Whitsunday banners to reveal the artwork behind which shows the way to Airlie Beach.
It was deferred to the next board meeting.
It was talked about tacking ourselves onto another event ie reef Festival or fete etc and raising funds for Chicken and Egg project by holding a egg and spoon race. Entry fee gold coin donation and winners prize could be a choc egg or even a frozen chook. Worth thinking about.
Robbo raised $40  as the Sargent which was a great effort – even the visitors got stung.  Well done Robbo.
Next meeting is Monday 10th of August.
Please email or text Denise before lunch time Monday with your apology or attendance.